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Name: Achi
Race: Shinjin, Kai
Alignment: Good
Age: ~17,000
Appearance: Tall for one of the heavenly Kai, Achi has historically towered over his fellow gods. Despite his size, his body always lent itself towards the more lithe and tightly-bound muscle of his people. His striking, orange eyes match well against his deep, orange skin, somewhat uncommon but far from unheard of. He often wears loose-fitting variations on the robes of his people and has, over the millennia, taken a liking to red scarves wrapped around his neck. His white hair hangs long over his forehead, often covering one eye.

In all ways, even how he walks and moves, he is the very image of heavenly superiority and authority.

Background: Born before many current civilizations of the universe had mastered fire, Achi has seen entire races rise to prominence among the stars and fall to extinction. He has seen mortals acquire incredible power, born witness to the efforts of gods throughout time, and seen the great deeds of charity and kindness that they're capable. He has seen even more often, however, acts of cruelty, mercilessness, selfishness. He has watched cities, continents, entire worlds burn in war.

This extensive history turned him to the martial arts, an area of study undertaken by few of his people. However, Achi in every way lived up to the reputation of those who did. He quickly became known as a skilled prodigy, able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat against some of the best trained and most skilled of his people. His growth in power was slow, but steady, and quickly saw him rivaling the strength of all but the Grand Kaio and the Kaioshin themselves.

As the years continued, he soon began to tutor others like him who wished to learn martial arts. This brought to him a young, starry-eyed Kai woman. She displayed an aptitude not just for fighting, but also for the mystical techniques here people were capable of. With it, however, came an obsession with the living universe, the people in it, and the events transpiring. Despite Achi's efforts, she eventually left, in violation of her people's laws and with full intents to involve herself with the affairs of mortals.

It was Achi who was quickly tasked to journey, as well, to the living universe and retrieve her.​


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Jul 10, 2022
hello good lookin'

This looks good! Enjoy your 1,000 starting PL. You know the drill: Post this in the bios and go make your sheet.