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Sagas & Events

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Sagas & Events
The Campaign of Dragon World
It is no exaggeration to say that the very beating heart of Dragon World is in its Campaign, a Staff-managed story that attempts to bring to life many of the core themes of a Dragon Ball story. In particular, there will be a focus on the stories of Dragon Ball Z, in particular the Saiyan Saga, the Namek and Freeza Sagas, as well as the Android and Cell Sagas. Expect adventures that involve the conquest and destruction of planets, wars between races, the influence of the Kai, and of course, the Dragon Balls.

Each Campaign will be made up of a series of Sagas of our own making. These Sagas will, themselves, simply be an interconnected series of Events. When a Campaign ends, so too does the story of those characters, and a new Campaign will begin with an entirely new cast afterwards.

About Events
This is where everything happens.

These will be threads on the board open for anyone present on the planet to join, though the participation of certain characters may not be optional. It may involve, for example, you or other characters being attacked by NPCs at the center of the story surrounding these Sagas. It is also through these Events that the stories themselves will be told. Events will be designed to include players, pulling them together against a common threat or against each other. Regardless, participation is strongly recommended, and the greatest rewards you can possibly earn on Dragon World are through these. Even if you find yourself the target of the NPCs at the center of the Events, know that your enjoyment and the enjoyment of other players remains the primary goal of everything that happens.

Very important to understand, too, is that Events, just like your own character's journey, may not go as you expect. You may lose a fight against another player-character you hoped to beat. You may die. In that same sense, the characters of Dragon World can "fail" an event, resulting in a change to the in-character world they may not have wanted. Our stories will almost always not involve the total destruction of the universe and, therefore, the story can continue even if the characters are defeated, though there may be unintended complications later on. In all cases, no matter what happens, new opportunities will be created.

Of course, the Staff that write these events and play these NPCs do not have limitless time or energy themselves. The stories you experience, while we endeavor for them to be engaging and, above all, fun to participate in, will not likely be moving works of literary art. The participation of players and their characters will be what elevates it to greatness, or not.

Events that mark the finale and conclusion of Sagas may also involve "timeskips," similar to the seven-year gap between the Cell Saga and the beginning of the Buu Saga.

The Rewards of Events
To begin: Events never spend EXP or Quarters when you participate.

Instead, they will often reward EXP and Power Level in quantities you typically can't get elsewhere. Even if you die during an Event, typically during a fight, it will often be more than worth it.

Not all characters will be able to participate in all Events. Some will take place simultaneously and, in those cases, you cannot participate in more than one at once. However, all characters will have the chance to participate in many Events, and it is strongly encouraged to do so. This is particularly true for the finale Event of Sagas, as they will typically have some of the biggest rewards in addition to what is given out as part of the conclusion of the Saga.

Special Events
On Dragon World, there is currently one planned Special Event, disconnected from Sagas.

The Universal Tournament is an event held once every six years to find the greatest warrior in the Universe -- and on Dragon World! It is next scheduled to be held in Q1, Age 906 and more information as the date approaches. Be certain, though, that the rewards will be immense and participation should be considered the default for all characters in Dragon World.

The Sagas
The ??? Saga
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